Summary of the service and the functionality:

AirVote® gathers real-time feedback from the users of public toilet facilities about the toilet conditions or their experience in using the facility. The feedback is delivered to the facility operator privately and anonymously. Happy users are offered to leave a positive social media review for the operator or the venue.

Typical scenario: a person walks into a portable or a public toilet facility. As they go about their business, they see three QR smileys, usually posted on the inside of the door at an eye-level of a person sitting down. The question associated with the smileys can be a simple “How clean is this toilet?” or a more general question like “What’s our impression of this toilet and why?”

This is how it would look to the user:


The toilet user scans a smiley with their smartphone depending on their opinion of the toilet. Most phones can now recognize QR codes with their camera, and there is no need to install any apps.

Green (happy) scan steers users to your social media pages to leave a positive review.

Yellow/red (unhappy) response creates an internal alert to the team (text/email/WhatsApp) and steers them away from your social media pages.

In addition to the alerts, the user feedback is available to the business in a dashboard and visual reports for a specific period, location, etc.



From what we hear from the PROs who use AirVote, it gives them five key benefits:

  1. Upsell services: based on customer feedback – real $$ return. If user feedback indicates that the units are overused, showing this information to the customer makes them more receptive to increasing the frequency of services or unit count. Or at least, more tolerant when their users complain – they know it is by their own choice, and they’ve been warned.
  2. More positive reviews on social. Happy users get a direct link to Google, FB, etc., whereas critical comments stay internal to the business.
  3. Alerts on issues: real-time user feedback helps optimize maintenance routes and fix an easy problem “along the way”.
  4. Manage driver performance: user feedback shows trends associated with routes.
  5. Less graffiti: placing sticker shows the users that the company cares to hear them. It promotes users to treat units with more respect. Finally, an occasional useless comment someone writes because they are bored is graffiti which you don’t have to scrub off the wall.


How many responses can you expect:

If you place these in 1000 units serving construction sites, you can expect 400-600 responses per month and about 100-150 comments. Events usually get more responses per day – depending on traffic of course.


Do other PROs use AirVote:

So far, our clients are in eight US states and two countries in Europe.


What kind of responses can you expect:

Please contact us at and we will send an Excel report from one of our clients (with scrubbed the business name and user contact information)


What customers say about AirVote: