Atlas Sanitation Products BV, established in 1996, is a proud producer of mobile urinals and hand wash units. Our Pluto range of mobile urinals, which includes the stackable event urinal Pluto3 and the semi permanent urinal Pluto Plus are durable and easy to use.


Our newest product in our portfolio:


Hand wash unit AND urinal

Hand wash unit and urinal, the Helios combines the two into a sanitation unit for placement in portable toilets. The fresh water tank holds approximately 36 liters of fresh water, where the urinal is drained into the toilet tank by way of a hose. The urinal is flushed with the water used to wash the hands in the basin.


Walex: professional products for professional needs

Atlas is the European distributor of Walex® deodorant products. Manufactured by the Walex® Products company, a manufacturer of specialty deodorant products from North Carolina (USA). Walex®’s major strength is its R&D department, which has developed the industry’s best performing deodorant products with customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.
From the Beijing Olympics and Carnival in Brazil to construction sites in Germany and events in Spain, Walex portable toilet deodorants are the global market leader in fragrance products for portable sanitation.