Jets™ is a Norwegian based global company that develop, manufacture and sell vacuum toilets, vacuum systems, and treatment plants.

At this year’s EUROTOI, Jets™ will be introducing the new Jets™ NOMAD and the new Jets™ ROVER.

Jets™ NOMAD is a scalable system consisting of five units designed to be combined to your specific need at any site – anywhere. It offers low water consumption, connects to any main sewage system and lowers logistics costs.

It can be connected to any type of vacuum toilet module, creating an all-season sanitary solution. Water is distributed by the category 5 protected water supply unit and sewage is filtered through the Catcher to remove foreign objects. Its Duo-Vacuumarator™ pump station powers the process whilst a transfer unit forwards all sewage to the end-discharge point and the Flow Control vents and gravity-feed the sewage line.

The modular concept makes installation quick and easy; this low maintenance system can be serviced without special tools. Each unit is based on standard pallet sizes for safe and efficient transport.

The integrated communication system continuously monitors and logs performance during operation, ensuring control and peace of mind.

Jets™ NOMAD complies with NS-EN 1717:2000 and AS/NZS3500.


Jets™ Rover is a lightweight, field-ready vacuum station to quickly create a sanitary infrastructure in remote areas. This plug & play unit is suitable for smaller events, glamping sites, as well as aid & relief operations.