Toilet 4.0

Drive to portable toilets only as needed. No problem with NOLTAnet. A small SmartBox reports the fill level, the position and – if desired – even the number of users. An integrated motion sensor also monitors whether a toilet has been knocked over or moved without permission.

All your toilets, with location and status, are clearly displayed on one platform. You already have similar software?
All the better. Using an open API, we can transfer the data to your IT and thus prevent isolated solutions.
All information is available at any time – whether on cell phone, tablet or PC.

Offer your customers new billing models: e.g. effort-based or according to the number of users.


Environmentally friendly and cost-saving

With NOLTAnet you don’t have to plan your maintenance tours blindly anymore, but can approach the individual stations according to your needs. This not only saves personnel costs but also protects the environment. The GPS sensor helps you to find the toilets in confusing terrain, such as large construction sites.

By the way: In toilet cabins without electricity, the energy supply is self-sufficient via a solar cell.


That sounds like complicated startup nonsense?

But it is not. The NOLTAnet module can even be retrofitted very easily. The company NOLTA exists for over 60 years and is an established company in the field of water and wastewater technology. Behind the NOLTAnet system is a 5-year development phase, which was carried out in close cooperation with well-known pump manufacturers, universities and – yes – also with startups. The system is now in use throughout Europe. Among others at the Brenner tunnel and Stuttgart 21.