Scanvogn EventCubes

Scanvogn (founded in 1995) is Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of mobile solutions for the construction and event industry. Our main factory and office are located in Northern Denmark.


Our products

For the construction industry our crew trailers provide workers with a comfortable and clean place to eat, shower and use the restroom. We also produce trailers for lodging as well as decontamination after exposure to harmful substances.

For the event industry our products consist mostly of toilet and shower trailers. We provide mobile sanitation solutions to all kinds of events – ranging from small private gatherings to the largest festivals. We also provide trailers for food vendors as well as for backstage workers, VIPs and security personnel.


Build quality

We strive to deliver the best quality on the market. We use high-quality components combined with meticulous manufacturing processes to ensure that our trailers last for as long as possible, so that the customer gets maximum value.

We cut all the outer walls with a seam and fit them so that the angle seals closely around the floor. Our floor consists of one layer of vinyl with woven glass fiber, one layer of honeycomb plates, and 60 mm of XPS insulation foam.

All our trailers come with a solid-cast roof. The roof is cast with a slight curvature for optimal strength and water drainage. All our trailers are built on a sturdy heat-galvanized chassis from AL-KO.



As the market changes, so do our customers’ needs and expectations. We constantly work together with our customers to produce better and smarter solutions. Scanvogn was the first Danish trailer company to utilize XPS-insulation, a solid-cast roof and vacuum toilets.

Last year, a new law was passed in Denmark requiring better facilities for crew trailers and Scanvogn provided the initial prototypes.

For us, a trailer is not simply a box on wheels. It is a combination of art and craft that must provide users with the best possible experience.