Scanvogn EventCubes


EventCubes is a new sanitary system designed by Scanvogn for all types of events. Combining elegant design with modern technology and a highly streamlined set up procedure it offers rental operators and event organizers a higher sanitation standard than ever before.



EventCubes offer a unique lineup of high-class sanitation units for all types of events. Benefits include excellent user comfort, low water usage, drastic cuts in sewage volumes and less spreading of pathogens. Units rely on vacuum to transport sewage which removes the need for toilets to refill before flushing, greatly reduces the risk of clogging and puts less load on the local water supply network.

Units have a modular design and are connected via plug & play to a central pump station that distributes water supply, vacuum lines and power. This streamlines the setup procedure, offers greater flexibility and requires less service and maintenance. Rental companies can acquire a mix of different sanitation units and pump stations giving them the freedom to tailor their layout for each specific event.

EventCubes include high capacity toilets, luxury toilets, disabled toilets, urinals, hand basins and more. With the exception of stand-alone units, all units are connected to a central pump station that distributes water supply, vacuum lines and power. This means all service points, discharge stations and/or tanker truck pickup points can be located in a dedicated area outside the festival perimeter. It eliminates the need for pump-out trucks to maneuver through crowds, keeps visitors away from unwanted sights and ensures uninterrupted operation for the whole event.




We are Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of mobile solutions for the construction and events industry. Our products consist of toilet and shower cabins, staff and residential cabins as well as mobile offices and food service cabins.

Scanvogn provides portable cabins to all of the biggest festivals in the Nordics. We work with the biggest rental companies and event organizers. Our products cover almost all possible aspects of an event. We provide backstage solutions, ticket cabins, security centrals, sales cabins, refrigeration vehicles and mobile kitchens.

With over 20 years of experience we understand our customers’ challenges and work with them to find the right solution quickly and efficiently, both during the sale and when the cabin is with the customer. This is reflected in our ability to consult customers, handle repairs and deliver spare parts.