VemuS Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH

Custom made toilet trailers and sanitary wagons

Municipalities, event organizers with toilet wagon hire, or construction companies and many other industries regularly need a sanitary trailer, or a dishwashing mobile for flexible use. Instead of classic toilet trailer or portable toilets, you have the opportunity to have a practical and attractive toilet trailer manufactured to your own imagination.

Visitors to events, street food festival visitors, construction site employees or visitors to markets, fairs and outdoor events appreciate a clean and attractively designed toilet trailer. Away from the “grubby image” of single-stand portable toilets – to contemporary, high-quality and clean toilet trailers and sanitary wagons. Our very popular toilet trailers can be ordered directly with a fresh and waste water tank and so can be run completely self-sufficient without needing a sewerage nearby. Equally practical are our compact toilet trailers with only 2 toilet cabins, providing your visitors an adequate place for hygiene at smaller events.

VemuS is your specialist for toilet wagons and sanitary trailers, where you have a say in equipment and design and can influence and personalize the development based on your own ideas.